We recently had the opportunity to meet with Susie Young, lead wedding designer at Brown Floral in Holladay, Utah. Susie has been doing flowers since 1998 and shared some fantastic insights on wedding flowers that are trending this year.


Accents of Elegance: Do you have a favorite part about doing wedding flowers?

Susie: I always start with the bride’s bouquet because that’s the crowning touch of the whole day. When brides come into the store, I like them to be really hands-on, and so I’ll walk them through the coolers, and I recommend that we select any flower or greenery that’s visually appealing to their eye. We collect it, we bring it out to the consultation table, and start with her bouquet. Everything else is design with the ideas from her bouquet. I love to design wedding arbors (floral arches) I think they’re so beautiful and frame the couple in the ceremony and make this beautiful event extra special. A lot of brides have used custom arbors this wedding season.

What are some of the biggest wedding floral trends this season?

Flowers by Susie @brownfloral Venue: @sundanceresort

Blush always has its place in wedding work. I feel as if it will always be used but is somewhat overdone. I personally would love to change it up. The classic all white wedding is so beautiful--I’ve already done four all-white weddings this year. Pantone often chooses the colors of the year and I’ve noticed that we’re a little delayed here in Utah using the colors of the year. We might be delayed by even a whole season. Here, it’s really cute to be like, “I’ve got this super new idea...let’s do blushes with the wines.”

This year the color is ultraviolet. They predicted that lavender would be a really big wedding color, and we’ve done a lot of lavender. I’ve watched these trends move from the more muted blushes that are really warm, moving towards the more cool tones. And now, we’re starting to pull more reds in. I also think that the modern day bride wants to see more textures, not just round. They want their bouquet to be more stylized and artsy, versus a round bouquet.

Flowers by Susie @brownfloral

I also help design flowers based on venue. If your venue is Solitude, your bouquet tends to be more rustic, with more grasses and maybe succulents. However, if there’s a bride who really wants a rustic palette, I have done it in Grand America and pulled it off.

You can really use anything, especially in Utah. Here there is a big rustic following, but then you have more of a classic elegance at the same time. There’re so many venues here. It really is the wedding capital of the United States.

Flowers by Susie @brownfloral Photography by @julieparkerphotography


What do you do for brides that don’t have a preconceived idea of what they want for their wedding flowers?

Walking through the coolers and seeing things that interest them helps me know what I want to utilize. You can see by their eyes that one flower is just perfect and that another doesn’t fit.

I recommend to brides to bring me their ideas, show me their Pinterest Board, and then I can get a feel for their style, and then we can take those ideas from the flowers they choose, and we can create something that is custom, just for them.

For brides who are on a budget, what would you recommend?

Flowers by Susie @brownfloral Photography @kennydawn

Brown Floral does weddings of all sizes. We can do just a bouquet and a bout’ for a bride to pick up, and we like it because it can be fast and simple. On a budget, if you want a larger bouquet, choose hydrangeas. Yes, they’re $10 a stem, but I’d rather use a hydrangea than 20 carnations to make a hydrangea. You can get more statement to fill up your bouquets with fuller flowers. With bridesmaids’ bouquets, I recommend, with the trendy greenery that everyone wants, is doing a hydrangea bloom and surrounding it with greenery. I’ve also recommended repurposing the bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpieces because most bridesmaids just place their bouquets down and they walk away. We offer options of rental vases, where you can’t even see the bouquet wrap.

When do brides come to you to start deciding on flowers?

I have had brides come in here first thing in their planning process, and I recommend a venue. We request weddings to be paid in full four weeks in advance because if there are any select varieties you want that are specific for your style, we need to have time to reserve it with the farm. So, we recommend meeting with us three months before.

Last week, I met with a bride who was getting married on Sunday. In that case, you just have to realize that the florist might not be able to grab all the things that you want, but that you can tell her, “ Hey, you have design liberty, and these are the colors that I’ve thought about for my wedding day.”

MEET SUSIE: Susie is Brown Floral’s lead wedding designer and has been working in the flower industry since 1998. She started as an apprentice, scrubbing buckets and cutting flowers and then rapidly fell into floral design. She designed wedding flowers for her own wedding and for several family and friends. At that time, Brown Floral didn’t do many weddings. However, one of the owners noticed how friendly Susie is and her eye for color and design and asked her to start doing wedding flowers for the business. Susie absolutely loves doing wedding flowers and is passionate about getting to know the couple and helping them design the perfect flowers for their big day.