Unique & Classy Wedding Send-Off Ideas

When it comes to your big day, lots of people think of the grand entrance of walking down the aisle. However, planning your “grand exit” is just as important!

Wedding send-offs have been a tradition since ancient Rome when wedding guests would throw grains at the departing couple. The tradition continues today with some fun variants! Here are ten great ways for couples to leave in style on their wedding day!


This one's a classic, especially if you are looking for a timeless exit. Also, rice is a relatively inexpensive option. One thing to consider is that rice left out can be harmful to birds who will eat it the next morning. However, as long as you have adequate cleanup, you should be fine. Some couples who want a similar send-off but are concerned for their feathered friends have even chosen to have guests toss birdseed instead!


This one has quite a magical feel and looks AMAZING in photos. This send-off is absolutely perfect for a late night departure, when tossing items may not be as visible. One thing to double check on before deciding on a sparkler send-off is to see if your venue or city has fire restrictions that would prohibit the use of these handheld fireworks.


The confetti toss also looks incredible in pictures! There are a variety of confetti options out there from metallic paper to heart-shaped confetti to dried petals. This one can get a little messy but is very fun for everyone involved.


This one is really easy to put together and requires no cleanup! You can use traditional wedding white balloons or balloons in your wedding colors. If you have a late night departure, no worries! They also sell LED light balloons! How cool is that?

Petals or Leaves

Petals are another timeless classic. Today, many guests use silk petals as a more cost-effective option. However, for the eco-conscious bride, real petals might be a better option. Another fun spin on this concept is tossing leaves for an autumn wedding.


Bubbles are a fun, and whimsical send-off option that works great for an early evening or daytime departure. Bubbles work best in months that aren’t windy

Glow Sticks

This is an excellent alternative if city or venue fire regulations prohibit you from using sparklers. There are plenty of colors to choose from, and you can get really neat pictures if your photographer uses different shutter speeds.


Ribbon wands are a fun send-off idea and can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. If you are looking for a timeless and classic look, you can choose lace and pastel ribbons. For a bolder look, you can select a variety of ribbons in vibrant shades.


Disney’s “Tangled” made glowing lanterns a huge hit and they still are a magical option for many wedding send-offs today. Before selecting this option, it's essential to know if they are allowed within your city’s fire code.